Hand with phone

Scams hit the South Bay too.

The Redondo Beach Police Department Crime Analysis Unit recently issued Bulletin # 17-052 reporting on two local phone scam losses.

  • Money lost: $14,000. On June 7, a male pretending to be the victim’s grandson, called to ask for help because he was in jail. He needed money. The victim went to Wal-Mart and purchased a $4,000 gift card and sent it to the “grandson.” The “grandson” followed up and obtained an additional $10,000 that the victim provided for supposed legal fees. Total money lost: $14,000.
  • Money lost: $20,000. On June 23, ┬áthe victim received a call from a “Malware Protection Agent.” Suspect told the victim she was receiving a $250 rebate and the victim gave her bank account information. About a month later, the victim noticed $20,000 missing from her bank account.

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