If you suspect abuse of an elder, whether physical, financial or emergency, please report it now. You may be that person’s only hope.


Welcome to KEEP-SAFE Coalition

More than 60,000 persons age 65 or older live in our South Bay area. Elders in the South Bay (and elsewhere) are the targets of abusive financial scams and manipulation that seeks to strip them of their assets and financial security.

KEEP-SAFE stands for Keep Every Elder ProtectedStop Abuse and Financial Exploitation.

The KEEP-SAFE Coalition is a grass roots effort that unites community and social service, law enforcement, financial and related service professionals to combat financial abuse and protect our elders within the South Bay cities of Southern California. The Coalition has an overall Coordinating Committee and two task forces.

  • Law Enforcement Task Force:
    This task force is focusing on video and written training for police officers to create effective responses to report trouble and enhance the effectiveness of prosecution. This task force works with banks in each local community to designate and coordinate reporting by bank personnel. Representatives from this task force also participate in community programs.
  • Social Services Task Force:
    This task force focuses special effort on community information and involvement programs. It is charged with presenting an informative program for the community, which includes a 17-minute award-winning video. The program heightens awareness of financial abuse of elders, and provides information to help community members respond and help prevent or stop abuse of their friends and neighbors.

Be Aware of These Common Scams


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Learn more about these and other common scams perpetrated on elders.  Take action. Report suspected abuse.

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